Women’s health and hygiene are crucial aspects of overall well-being. Maintaining good hygiene practices is essential to prevent infections and promote a healthy lifestyle. Proper menstrual hygiene is also paramount, emphasizing the importance of using sanitary products and maintaining cleanliness to ensure reproductive health. Seeking the importance of Women health and hygiene for following activities have been initiated by CSR Research Foundation.

community development programme

CSR- research Foundation
  • Setting up Sanitary Napkins Vending Machines in India International Trade Fair since 2015.
  • Suraj Kund International Craft Mela in 2016 and other public places under “ Mission AAA”
  • Install around 200 (two hundred) Sanitary Napkins Vending Machines in different School, Collages and Public places to strengthen “ Mission AAA”
  • Education, Awareness and information dissemination about Women health and hygiene, organized several workshop, symposium and events.
  • During the COVID period, the distribution of Masks, Oximeters, Diapers, PPE kits, Sanitizer dispenser machines, and Sanitary napkins has been initiated.
  • Around 1.5 lakh Girls students  have been benefited under “Mission AAA” .

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